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Heaven and Earth Sanctuary is snuggled in the foothills of Mt Chirripo, with Rio Chirripo running along the property - a healing river bath is only a couple of footsteps away. Chirripo means the land of eternal waters and the mountains of Chirripo are considered to be the sacred heart chakra to the indigenous people. Mt Chirripo is Costa Rica's highest mountain with an altitude of 3,820 m (12,538 ft). From the top you can see the Pacific and Caribbean Ocean at the same time and we can connect you with trusted tour guides if you feel called to hike this mountain. 
Unspoiled nature with the combination of the jungle with it's raw beauty, the wild river running freely down the mountain hills and all the flora and fauna creates a uniquely mystical environment. Take a peaceful 40 minute stroll up the mountain and you will find a beautiful, secluded waterfall not to be missed.  There really is a truly magical energy in this area!
​The mountain climate provides a perfect temperature with warm days and cooler nights, no A/C needed.  Dry season runs from December to April. The rest of the year provides the mountain with refreshing afternoon rain showers, but with plenty of dry, sunny times throughout the day.
From a Galactic point of view, Mt Chirripo sits on a vortex, the 5th Circuit, which is a  Jupiter leyline on the Planetary Holon. This circuit runs from the Bermuda Triangle to the Easter Islands. 

The connection to the life force, the womb of Mother Earth, is so strong here that your spirit will naturaly dance with grace and ease.

Carole Maureen, Guardian

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