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Heaven and Earth Sanctuary is a retreat center welcoming retreat facilitators to host retreats in our spacious, yet intimate Sanctuary. If you are looking for a place in nature, with amazing food and lots of thoughtful details, this is the place. We only host one retreat group at a time, so the whole space would be yours. In between retreats we are open for private bookings. Our vision is to give light workers from all over the world a beautiful place to spread their work through retreats, trainings and workshops of various kinds.

Heaven and Earth Sanctuary was founded in 2005, by Thomas Whittier who started to develop this beautiful land. His vision was guided by the principle of flow using sacred geometry, while developing the land. He was very passionate about natural building which can be seen in some of our houses. Thomas was the first facilitator of The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life with Drunvalo Melchizedek.

In 2017 the land changed guardianship and our current guardian Carole Maureen Frieseen took over the place. Since then this spot has gone through it's own transformation, with many upgrades. New houses have been built, as well as the manicured yoni garden, many altars and not to forget, the sacred copper pyramid.



Carole is a passionate lightworker and has more than 20 years of experience in her field of work. Her primary expertise is in Psychosomatic Therapy, Face Reading, Numerology and Galactic Signature Blueprint. She is the founder of The Lightworkers Institute that offers professional and personal transformation trainings, both online and live events.


She has a 3 hour Introduction course to her work which can easily be integrated into your retreat, giving you something truly unique to offer your retreat guests. Find out more about Carole and her work here.



(n.) A uniquely gifted, powerful individual who has the capacity to change the world in fundamental ways. The purpose of a 'Lightworker' is to wake up the people that inhabit this beautiful planet and connect them with their true Divine spirit.

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