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Sample menu

Enjoy delicious farm-to-table meals


Enjoy nutritious mouth watering farm-to-table meals.

We love food and our amazing chef Maritza will cook the most incredible nourishing meals during your retreat. We serve nutritious and delicious meals, using fresh, organic, locally sourced ingredients. Supporting our local farmers is very important to us.


We grow fresh herbs, a variety of greens, bananas and some exotic fruit on the property, which we include whenever we can.  Our resident goats provide us with delicious goat’s milk that our founder turns into fresh goat cheese, and our hens provide us with farm fresh eggs. 

Maritza mixes Costa Rican cuisine with creative healthy cooking - you and your guests are in for a real exquisite treat!

We usually serve a large breakfast and lunch and a lighter dinner, for better sleep. We have a lot of experience cooking Veg/Vegan food and are more than happy to accommodate any dietary requests, just let us know in advance.


Sample menu


Guanabana chia pudding, poached eggs, guacamole, freshly made ciabatta, mango and papapaya fruit salad,  Costa Rican coffee, herbal teas


Gluten free and vegan aubergine gratin with tomatoes and basil, grilled salmon with dill, Carole's home made goat cheese, kale salad with pumpkin and roasted walnuts

Apple crumble with cinnamon


A warm, nourishing pumpkin soup with cummin, served with a wild crafted salad

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