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Welcome to Heaven and Earth Sanctuary! I feel so blessed and honored to have the opportunity to be the guardian of this beautiful piece of Mother Earth. 

In 2016, I expanded my studies into Cosmology, Mayan Astrology and the Galactic connection to Psychosomatics. I started to explore my highest Mission in Life, aligning myself to the Galactic Federation of Light, which pointed me to Costa Rica. As soon as I saw the this land I knew that this was the place for me! After all it was named Heaven and Earth Sanctuary, which is now the home of my school The Lightworkers Institute.

I took ownership in October 2017, with a vision of hosting all my international training in Psychosomatic Therapy in beautiful Costa Rica. After spending 20 years on the tour opening up 34 cities across North America and Australia, I felt it was time to settle in paradise and invite students to do their deep transmutation work in the womb of the jungles of Mother Earth. 

My team and I have been co-creating with the land and listening to the heartbeat of nature to totally transform this land to a work of Art. We have kept the theme of sacred geometry with the raw magic of the jungle. 

I offer my training 5 times a year and have students come from all over the World. In between my events I open up the Sanctuary to other Lightworkers to bring their students to bask in the life force, rejuvenate and facilitate their transformational work in this amazing sacred space. I Invite to bless this land with your presence…join me in this power vortex!

There is magic everywhere in the air, water, rocks and trees…awakening the inner spirit! One of my favorite things is spending time in the Rio bottom on the warm rocks listening to the rhythm of the river and the singing of the 1000 birds.

Taking time to play, dance and harmonize with Mother Earth. There is no other connection as strong as grounding in the Life Force basking in the fire of the Sun, playing in the water and grounding in the earth.



I have dedicated Heaven and Earth Sanctuary to my wonderful parents, Peter and Vera Friesen, who transitioned peacefully in 2015, both in their 90’s. They loved adventure, flowers and children. My mother opened up her garden every year to and event called “Come Smell the Flowers”. They gave me the Rites of Passage into this world and the opportunity to be a stewardess of the beautiful Sanctuary. With humbleness and enormous gratitude…

I thank you!

I honour you!

I love you!

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