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Heaven and Earth Sanctuary is located in the foothills of Mt Chirripo, approx 3½ hours from the San José airport. The closest city is San Isidro del General. 

​You will have an opportunity to experience one of the most spectacular scenic journeys on the Interamerican Highway gradually climbing over the Talamanca Mountains, crossing the Cerro de la Muerte before descending into a lush river valley that is home to San Isidro del General. From there you have a 25-minute drive up Mt Chirripo to your home away from home. 

The easiest way to get here is for us to arrange airport pick-ups with one of our trusted network of professional Drivers.

It is also possible to take the bus from San José to San Isidro del General. Buses leave from the Musoc bus station every hour from 5.30 AM until 6.30 PM.. From San Isidro take a taxi all the way to the sanctuary.

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