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With 10 acres of serene nature, most guests end up staying within the property grounds. But, there are plenty of things to do in the area, ranging from adventurous hiking up Mt Chirripo to Cacao factory visits. We will happily arrange whatever adventure you are interested in. 

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Only 40 minutes walk from the sanctuary you will find a beautiful and secluded waterfall. Just ask us for directions and we will point you in the right direction.


National Park

Mt Chirripo National Park is home to the highest mountain in Costa Rica, where you can see the Pacific and the Caribbean at the same time.

Butterfly dome.jpeg

Butterfly dome

A butterfly sanctuary housed inside an immense, picturesque dome. Admire beautiful butterflies and stunning surroundings. They also serve light lunches and many flavours of homemade gelatos.  



A ten minute drive up the mountain you will find the picturesque village Canaán, home to the award winning cheese from Caanaán Queso, and the organic chocolate from Samaritan Xocolata Chocolates.



Cloudbridge Reserve

A private nature reserve that stretches from 1550m to 2600m (5085-8530 ft), dedicated to the preservation and re-forestation of the cloudforest. Go hiking, swim in a waterfall or join a wildlife tour.

Hot springs san gerardo.jpg

Warm mineral pools

Soak in the hot water that flows naturally from 2 large and 6 small springs. The perfect place to visit after a long hike or a week of yoga.

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